What is District Psychedelic?

District Psychedelic was created as a platform to advocate for the safe and responsible access and use of psychedelics. Initially inspired to start speaking publicly about psychedelics by the Decriminalize Nature campaign, then spurred on by the other groundbreaking work around the world. District Psychedelic has actively campaigned locally and on national platforms in an effort to remove manufactured social stigma.  ,

Why Teach Mushroom Growing?

The healing and therapeutic properties science and tradition have shown us to be present in psychedelics, should be available to anyone who feels they could benefit from the experience. Most of us would prefer not to assume the risks that come with buying psychedelics on the black market. People should know and trust the medicine they take, be it for healing or just for fun.

mushrooms love you more when you grow your own.

How Does Spirituality Fit In With District Psychedelic?

The only spirituality that will be discussed in any capacity whatsoever, is the meditation on patience one must practice while growing mushrooms. Believers in all philosophies welcome.

Who Is The Handsome Man With The Cat

Seth Rosenberg is a Washington, DC native and an avid amateur mycologist, who after over 25 years in New York City and abroad, returned to the District of Columbia  in 2014 to raise his daughter in the city where he loved growing up.  For the past 5 years Seth has owned and operated a small handyman business, District Handyman, and when he isn’t working, he can usually be found in the woods foraging with his seven year old daughter.