Mushroom Growing 101

Growing mushrooms is easy enough that anybody can do it. It doesnt take much money, space or time, and all of the components can be purchased legally most places in the United States. This course will show you what we believe to be the simplest method to produce a small harvest of mushrooms for personal use. This course is designed for the novice, interested in learning how to grow Psilocybe cubensis - magic mushrooms. This is not a course designed for seasoned cultivators.

Before you read further and get intimidated, the process can seem complicated, but ultimately, you’ll be following a few simple steps -  giving a shot of spores to a jar of grain - waiting - mixing the grain with dirt - waiting - then harvesting mushrooms. There are lots of details, but most of the time, your mushrooms will do best if you work clean, then leave them alone. For some people the waiting is the hardest part.


Introduction to Fungi


This is going to be where we break down the entire process of cultivating mushrooms. We will discuss realistic expectations for timelines, yields, and failure rates. This class will cover correct work preparations, inoculation techniques, everything you ever wanted to know about grain spawn and the options available, and we will discuss the pros and cons of different strains.We will cover different substrates pasteurization vs sterilization, and different variations of bulk grows.


This class will also cover what materials will be needed to move on to CLASS 2; discuss the vendor relationships; what needs  to be purchased; and what are some DIY options to bring cultivation costs down.





Students will start prepared for class with: cleaning equipment, sterile grains, spore syringes, and a still air box. We will cover correct use of everything, re-cover clean room/working close to sterile, safe inoculation teks, and correct labeling and storage. We’ll talk about contamination and failure rates as well as causes and prevention. 


In this class we will explore more in-depth information about substrates, which to use, and the correct preparation for each. We will discuss container options, spawn to substrate ratios, and consolidation times





This class will start by critiquing success and failures of grain jars. We will discuss why some succeeded and others did not. We will cover how to know when your grain is fully colonized, and go deeper into bulk grow teks, discussing monotubs, grow jars, and grow bags. We will discuss fruiting conditions, harvesting, mushroom care and storage, and how to trigger a second flush. This class will conclude with a brief discussion of more advanced mushroom growing teks, clones, agar work, and liquid cultures, time permitting

Cultivation classes will be held over three 60 minute+ sessions spaced 2 weeks apart.

Important note: BEGINNER CLASS  

This class is intended for absolute mushroom growing novices and people who are interested in just trying it out. The tek taught in this class are designed to have the highest success rates, not the highest yields. If you are a seasoned hobbyist cultivator, this is not the class for you. This class is designed for the person with zero experience.

Class Synopsis

District Psychedelic only sells information, all class materials are the responsibility of the student.

Spores can be legally purchased in the U.S. everyplace except California, Idaho, and Georgia, please take that into consideration before signing up for class.