Psilocybe z

A person I know has developed a strain of Psilocybe, that they are calling "Z". This is a species not often seen in the United States, it is not cubensis.

The Z strain has shown some absolutely remarkable qualities.


Active Mycellium- Z strain consistently produces copious amounts of extremely aggressive, very potent psychoactive mycellium,  that grows up to 2 inches thick.  Non-scientific bio-assay suggests 2-3 times the strength of dried cubensis. This could be the answer to a psychoactive all mycellium, or mycelliated grain product

Bacteria - three separate agar plates contaminated with bacteria. I believe each to be a different bacteria. Z strain mycellium is easily walking right over all three strains. On the Z1 plate the mycellium was stalled on one border against significant amounts of bacteria, it appears to have adapted and is moving forward consuming the bacteria. This first round of experiments seems to shows tremendous possible anti-bacterial properties.

Invasive Fungi- several plates are contaminated with competing fungi, Z strain seems to have consumed all of them

Micro-pore Tape - z strain easily penetrated and consumed micro-pore tape covering air intake holes

Contaminated Grain Jar - experiment in progress, initial observations indicate mycellium will overtake contamination

Z strain Active Mycellium

Giant Mycellium Pieces

Bluing On Grain

2" Mycellium Tuft

Z strain vs Micropore Tape



Z1 vs Bacteria and Fungi
Z2 vs Bacteria

Z4 vs Bacteria and Fungi

back lit

top lit

Contam Jar 7-18

contam jar 7-21